Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hai-O ~ 20th Anniversary ~ 24 Nov

Wonderful day for all GLAMprenuers

- Hai-O 20th Anniversary - 
Dayang Nurfaizah and Proton Preve (Grand Prize) featuring our ticket. There was also Shila Amzah on the stage :)
My make-up assistance, Zalifah with one of her lovely twin daughter.
And yes, that's me.
Someone told me that I'm like Dynas Mokhtar :)
(feel shy shy already)
 Dynas Mokhtar
 Me with my direct leader Ida Amira

 Me with our splendid CDM Salha Zain
to you and your lovely hubby
Both of them are adoring couple, who taken care all of us very closely, keep asking whether we have problem, sharing all the best about social media, give us the business spirit to be like them
- one day - In Shaa Allah (Ameen)
  Colourful stage controlled by our famous MC
David Lau and Lina
(all the white sit for the VIPs - CDMsssss)

Sea of Red and Black young Hai-O Enterprenuers from all over Malaysia. We all gathering and celebrating our leader’ success and create our dream of being like them
- one day - In Shaa Allah (Ameen)

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